WonderCon: Day Two

Wonder Con day two was all about nerd girl power! The day began with the official launch of the LA chapter of Geek Girls Brunch. Geek Girl Brunch formed in NYC by nerd girls Jamila, Yissel, and Rachel. Since its origin, chapters have been launching around the world.

Almost twenty awesomely nerdy women came together to share their love of fandoms and, of course, drink a mimosa or two! The awkward ice breaker questions got everyone to open up and geek out and bond. Geek Girl Brunch LA will continue their meet ups monthly. Interested in attending a chapter near you? Check our geekgirlbrunch.com
© Megan Gotch, 2015

© Megan Gotch, 2015

The girl power continued at Ashley Eckstein’s panel (founder of Her Universe) in a packed Marriott ballroom. The Her Universe brand creates chic fashion for nerd girls giving women a stylish option other than the basic fan tee. Eckstein debuted her newest collection designed by Beth Christenson and Andrew MacLaine, winners of her San Diego Comic Con fashion show in 2014. The theme of the collection is Marvel’s upcoming blockbuster Avengers: Age Of Ultron. The styles are inspired by the popular 50s styles, Pinup and Rockabilly and the items feature cuts that Eckstein believes are flattering to all body shapes. These fashions can be found in Hot Topic stores across the country starting May 12th.

Eckstein’s second announcement confirmed that she would, indeed, be bringing her geek couture fashion show back to San Diego Comic this year. Designers will be able to submit their creations for consideration beginning April 8th for two weeks on the Her Universe website. Twenty five finalists will be chosen by the end April to create a look for this year’s San Diego Comic Con which begins on July 9th. According to Eckstein, things fangirl’s can look forward to from Her Universe are maxi skirts, dresses and lots of pockets!

Fashion can be found everywhere at Wonder Con. When I put together a look for con day, I go for subtlety. If someone can discern I’m the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who by my hair bow and brown tweed blazer, I know I’ve made the perfect new nerd friend.

And one of the best places to make new friends at Wonder Con is in line. Granted, the lines are never as long as they are at San Diego Comic Con and the wait time is significantly less, there is always time to network or chat about what you are in line for!

Enter the Orphan Black panel where I arrived thirty minutes prior, made it into the room and easily found a seat. Compare that to last year’s San Diego Comic Con Orphan Black panel’s lining up hours in advance only to be denied entry. To be fair, star Tatiana Maslany’s absence could have contributed to the short wait. Once the panel began, the attending cast had nothing but love for her and the entire group of panelists went as far to award her the ‘best kisser’ of the cast.

The love didn’t end there! A fan’s Twitter question to Dylan Bruce (who plays Paul on the series) asked if he is worried about another handsome solider giving him competition on the show. Without a beat Bruce answered, “Have you seen me with my shirt off?”

© Megan Gotch, 2015

© Megan Gotch, 2015

As for season three spoilers, co-creator and writer Graeme Manson asked fans to keep a tight lip on what they saw until the April 18th premiere on BBC America jokingly promising everyone in attendance free badges to next year’s Wonder Con.

So how does a fashionable fangirl end her second day at Wonder Con? Masquerade, of course! Highlights included a intricately detailed Elsa costume from the Disney short Frozen Fever and crowd favorite 90’s Nickelodeon flashback Powdered Toast Man.

Closing out the second day at Wonder Con, it’s time to piece together the last day’s look. A must wear should be our very own High Voltage Wonder Con exclusive button where you can customize, change and spread the word about your favorite fandoms! You have one more day to pick yours up at our small press booth #108. Hope to see you there!