“Pictures” By Ewert and the Two Dragons

The Who: Ewert and the Two Dragons

The What: Even if you can’t quite locate Ewert Sundja, Erki Parnoja, Kristjan Kallas and Ivo Ettihomeland’s native Republic of Estonia on a map, a little geography fail need not prevent you from digging what the indie quartet known as Ewert and the Two Dragons, has to offer. Directed by Kaimar Kukk and filmed in their hometown of Tallinn, a warehouse, some 200 flickering lamps and eye-catching art from someone’s modern cubist period conspire to make the lead single from their upcoming album, Circles, shine rather prettily. Recorded near Seattle, WA, Ewert calls “Pictures” a song about those inevitable changes that we all must go through and, as lead off singles go, it’s a pretty damned good one.

The Where: Ewert and the Two Dragons’ Winter North American tour kicks off on February 24th so, after you’ve finally located Estonia on a map, locate the band via their Facebook, official website and at @Ewert2Dragons on Twitter.