“Gold” By Imagine Dragons

The Who: Imagine Dragons

The What: To us, they’ve always been “The little band that could.” Could what? Everything! So if record sales, sold out shows, going from High Voltage On The Rise band to cover band, Grammy Awards and a fiercely dedicated fan base can be considered barometers, it’s officially safe to say that Imagine Dragons are closing in on ‘everything’. “Gold” comes from their sophomore record, Smoke + Mirrors, which is set for release on February 17th (once again with producer Alex da Kid on board) and it finds Dan Reynolds (vox), D. Wayne Sermon (guitar), Daniel Platzman (drums) and Ben McKee (bass) doing signature Imagine Dragons: going percussively deep while lyrically pressing and examining. Universally on par with success, meteoric rises and a metaphorical Midas touch, Reynolds’ question of, “Who can you trust / When everything you touch turns to gold?” is age old and relevant. Now the obvious answer   would be, “Hey, stop touching things!” but since the probability of that happening is slim to none, we champion answer #2: trust yourself. That’s always a good place to start.

The Where: Imagine Dragons already have quite a bit in the works for 2015 including a little something special called #DestinationDragons. So we highly suggest that you keep in touch with the guys via Facebook, their official website and – of course –  at @ImagineDragons on Twitter!