White Plague by James Abel

White Plague (A Joe Rush Novel) | Author: James Abel | Rating: 7/11 |

Released: January 6, 2015

Equal parts military fiction, high seas adventure and biomedical horror, White Plague is the exciting tale of Marine Joe Rush, a military doctor, bio-terrorism specialist, weapons aficionado and all-around expert in diffusing impossible situations.

When Rush is called in to rescue an US submarine on a covert mission, he finds himself met with hostility and resistance in the Arctic Ocean. Problems continue to arise, from international interest in the submarine and its technology, to the discovery that the surviving crew is sick – and with an illness that Rush could not begin to imagine. Has “Killer Joe” (a nickname earned during a former mission and an image that comes into play in his dealings with other Marines) met his match?

While it may be difficult for some to believe what a Renaissance man the main character is, and even more difficult to relate to him, if you can get past that you’re in for a quick-read, high stakes adventure, that will leave you anxiously awaiting what’s next for Joe Rush. So set aside an afternoon as this is one novel it’ll be hard to put down.