Galavant | Sunday 8/7c on ABC | Rating: 9.9 / 11 |

It’s over the top cheesy and entirely campy, but it’s also “comedy gold;” ladies and gentlemen we present to you ABC’s latest comedy creation Galavant. Taking Once Upon A Time‘s time slot during their mid-season hiatus, Galavant is filling up Sunday night’s with two episodes a week of musical swagger (throughout January only).

Set in some sort of medieval time and brought to us by the creative minds behind such Disney animated classics as Tangled, Hercules, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and more: our gorgeous hero Galavant (played by Joshua Sasse) is found a broken knight since he lost the love of his life when the opportunity to save Princess Isabella Maria Lucia Elizabetta’s kingdom (and win back his fair maiden, now Queen Madalena) appears. Seizing the opportunity, his squire (played by Luke Youngblood) and the Princess (played by Karen David) saddle up for a hero’s journey.

Filled with extremely catchy and delightfully predictable musical numbers, Galavant takes the piss out of itself to the point you’d think Mel Brooks himself was writing this stuff. Each thirty minute tale finds well-written humor, perfectly timed performances and beautifully accented set details. Where most musicals leave you with that frustrating pensive thought of “how did nobody nearby see or hear that?,” Galavant addresses that concern point-blank. And as an added bonus, each actor’s delivery shows that they are enjoying their role as much as the home viewers are.

Recommended for fans of Monty Python and Robin Hood: Men In Tights. This is one show musical comedy fans won’t want to miss!¬†Also available for streaming on and Hulu.