“No Tomorrow” By Ceasefire

The Who: Ceasefire (Orange County, CA)

The What: In what is surely their most ambitious music video yet, Orange County, California’s Ceasefire have aimed higher than ever: think to infinity and beyond. Since 2011, Ray Alexander (vox), Kamren Alexander (guitar) and Anthony Hainsworth (drums) have made music directed at the heart and their latest single, “No Tomorrow,” is no different. Kamren describes the song as “an uplifting rock anthem about seizing the day and living every single day to it’s fullest potential. It captures a day in the life of the band and what we are all kind of feeling…we want to break free and fly towards our dreams.” It’s a common aspiration among us all and an easy one to identify with as Hainsworth’s propulsive percussion drives the song as they suit up, leave all things familiar behind and head towards the stars and the adventure of the unknown.

For a limited time you can download “No Tomorrow” for FREE on Soundcloud.

The Where: Fortunately space travel isn’t necessary to find Ceasefire: you can locate them right here on Earth via their Facebook page, official website and at @CeasefireMusic on Twitter.