“Text Me Merry Christmas” By Straight No Chaser (ft. Kristen Bell)

The Who: Straight No Chaser

The What: Tugging at your nostalgic holiday heart strings and tapping on your funny bone, here’s a Christmas ditty that hits you right in the 21st century. Knowing how hard it can be to spend the holidays away from the one you love, a-capella all stars Straight No Chaser get a little help from Kristen Bell (and what a voice on that girl!) to   remind us to reach out and share all those lovey feelings the good, old-fashioned way: by getting our emoji/Facebook/Tweet/hashtag/text message on! And you have to love the vintage animation in the vein of the classic Rankin-Bass Holiday specials (Rudolph The Reindeer, anyone?). All together now: #SantaSelfie!

And in the spirit of holiday good times, if you’re in Los Angeles tomorrow Wednesday, Dec. 10th you are cordially invited to our 6th Annual High Voltage Holiday Bash at Silverlake Lounge! Live music and a FREE gift from us upon entry. Ho ho ho!

The Where: Check out Straight No Chaser’s busy tour schedule on their official website, find them on Facebook and at @SNCmusic on Twitter.