The Weeks (The Roxy)

The Roxy | West Hollywood, CA | November, 19 2014 | Photo Credit: Chad Elder |

“As for our places in history, we will run naked through your streets before we sit decorated in your halls.” ~ The Weeks

Nashville, TN by way of Jackson, MS the Weeks received a warm Los Angeles welcome at the Roxy, playing the famed West Hollywood venue for the first time. Southern friend in all the right ways, The Weeks (Cyle Barnes, vocals; Sam Williams, guitar; Damien Bone, bass; Cain Barnes, drums & Alex Admiral Collier, keyboards) can’t help the similarities drawn between them and early era Kings of Leon (whose Serpents and Snakes label they reside on), but there are worse comparisons to be made. They’re a hearty row and stew of guitar riffs, soulful rhythm and earthy lyrics delivered via the molasses thick and raw vocals of Cyle Barnes who was as charmingly quirky on stage as he was in the groove. While the single and title track from their Buttons EP closed the evening on a danceable note, their entire set was ripe with the sound of their Mississippi roots including “Slave to the South,” “The House That We Grew Up In” and “Mercury.” Was a solid show all ways around and we’ll look forward to a return visit, although the sound texture could have benefited from turning Collier’s keys up. Next time, gentlemen, and thanks in advance.