“Fences” By Magic Bronson

The Who: Magic Bronson

The What: As the Los Angeles duo Magic Bronson, Matthew Lieberman and Michael Nicastro have found a musical place for themselves as earnest, beat solid, hip hopping, people moving, easy rockers on the synth/pop side of the street. What? Yes. There’s much to be said for their brand of eclectic fuse-ology: it screams – not only of a good time – but of good. With the words,“This is the time that I would like to acknowledge all of those in our lives,” and their collective celluloid pasts flashing before our eyes, Lieberman and Nicastro groovily trip through, thank and honor where they’ve come from while dropping beats of social knowledge. Their debut album, Wildlife, is due out November 4th on War Cry Records and don’t be surprised if it finds its way into your, “For a good time, spin this” record collection. You do have one of those, don’t you?

The Where: You can find Magic Bronson on Facebook, their official website or come at them in 140 characters or less on Twitter at @MagicBronsonLA .