Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty | Rating: 8.2 / 11 |

Released: October 7, 2014

Sleeping Beauty is a well known Disney story; the plot line hasn’t changed in this release (but if you watch the bonus features, you can discover one of the original story lines!), there are no new songs and it still doesn’t make sense as to why the three good fairies don’t just zap Prince Phillip to safety or straight to Aurora’s side. What is incredible about the Walt Disney classic animations is how the content, animation and humor still holds up many decades later allowing each new generation the same joy upon discovery as previous generations. What’s even more incredible is the beauty and clarity that these digitally remastered films gain in the Blu-Ray process. And this is most certainly true of the latest Walt Disney Blu-Ray & Digital HD release Sleeping Beauty which, upon watching, does not feel outdated in any shape or manner. In fact these “old school” hand drawn Disney classics still give Pixar a run for their money.

But why should you re-purchase Sleeping Beauty when you already own it on VHS and DVD?! Well, as previously mentioned, the clarity of the digitally remastered classic is breathtaking. Not to mention, there’s a whole slew of new bonus features worth discovering like The Art of Evil: Generations of Disney Villains which sheds light on some of Disney’s “unknown” animators who have created the characters we know and love today. And while adding a sing-along is nothing new for Disney home video efforts, the well crafted Beauty-Oke actually serves more as a stunning modern day lyric video.

So let this Sleeping Beauty release tide you over while you anxiously await the release of Maleficent (coming November 4th)!