The Black Market by Rise Against

Rise Against | The Black Market | Rating: 6/11 |

Release Date: July 15, 2014

The ethically sound punk-rock band, Rise Against, hits the front lines of activism through music with their latest record The Black Market. Aggressive beats, melodic voices with rustic tones and heart pumping energy is the best way to describe this, their seventh full length album.

“I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore” is a clear look into an irritated man’s soul who wants to get away from the fabricated ideas around him. With a constant uproar of “I don’t want to be here anymore (be here anymore),” throughout the song, listeners will feel the hostility and frustration in the man’s mind. Like most songs, it could be referring to many different subjects in society but because Rise Against is known for activism, the song might be referring to disgruntled soldiers. Soldiers who are contemplating the orders they have taken and the orders that they have carried out. Either way, it’s an energetic anthem of frustration and soul-searching.

But it’s not all aggressive power-chords. Many people who fell in love with the band’s kindhearted side in the 2004 song “Swing Life Away” will be happy with “People Live Here.” The acoustic ballad starts with the childish bickering: “My God is better than yours / And the walls of my house are so thick I hear nothing at all.” It’s a back-and-forth fight over nothing: eventually, the fighting leads to hatred and death. Yes, the song sounds very heavy-handed, but the band is known for this type of performance. Lead singer/guitarist Tim McIlrath’s somber voice and simple eighth note strumming is very soothing and catchy. Also, the song’s chorus is accompanied with violins that add to the aesthetics of the tranquil mood.

Overall, The Black Market is the creation of a fully conscious and fully concerned band as Rise Against are clearly not afraid to address the issues they see so clearly in society. As a collection of the band’s thoughts on social injustice and soul-searching it is sure to leave listeners with a little soul-searching of their own. Buy their album if you’re looking for a quick jolt of energy, or pick up the record for some mysterious artwork that’s worth looking at.