SDCC: Digging Deep into Season 10 of Supernatural

Supernatural is about to enter its 10th season. The longevity of the show is in large part due to the incredibly supportive fans and genuine enthusiasm of the cast, both which were on full display during San Diego Comic-Con’s Supernatural panel. Panelists Jensen Ackles (Dean), Jared Padalecki (Sam), Misha Collins (Castiel), Mark Sheppard (Crowley) and Jeremy Carver (show runner) all seemed to be having a great time joking around with one another and interacting with the audience. Padalecki was especially jovial cracking jokes like “Have you heard about the movie Constipation? It hasn’t come out yet.” All the actors had their characters’ doll on stage except for Sheppard who only became a regular for Season 10. To not feel alone, the actor created his own Crowley doll out of a cup and some tin foil.


© Kristen Coveleskie, 2014

When it came time for audience questions, one fan impressed the panel with her Castiel costume complete with life-sized expanding black feathered wings. Then Osric Chau, who played fan favorite character Kevin Tran, came up to the mic in disguise and when he revealed his identify, the room exploded in applause.

Late on, in the press room, further insights were given into where the show is going; and further revealed just how much everyone still enjoys being a part of the Supernatural world. Carver shared that there is an ending vision for the show, but since it doesn’t seem to be coming to that any time soon, the vision keeps getting put off. Carver also indicated that season 10 will be a lot more personal than previous seasons and teased the introduction of a few new characters, one who will also be on the hunt for Dean and play an antagonist to Sam and another “complex” female character who will come around in episode 3 and be developed as the season progresses. Also, expect to see some characters coming back, perhaps even ones that you “might not expect.”

Going into more details about Dean’s current demonic condition, Carver said that he’s “not a typical demon.” He’s not a meat suit being possessed. Dean’s soul has been twisted and this is very much connected to the Mark of Cain he acquired last season. So even if/when (?!?) Dean returns to his human form, Carver suggests there will be long-standing ramifications both on a mechanical and emotional level.

Ackles gave some insight on how he is playing demon Dean (“He’s so carefree that it’s scary”) and touched upon the struggles of acting and directing at the same time (“it’s a difference of clarity”). Padalecki talked about the many versions of Sam he’s had to play and why he’s particularly excited about season 10 Sam saying, “I’m a loyal guy and a fighter so I like when Sam is willing to fight.” Reflecting the idea that Sam might be more the monster, he indicated that Sam, in his quest to help his brother, may be testing the limits of morality and ethics, but added, “that’s a fun theme we like to play with on Supernatural and I really enjoy it.”

Sheppard and Collins also touched on where there characters might be next season, Sheppard indicating that Crowley does not feel sorry for Dean (can a demon display that kind of humanity?) and Collins saying that Cas is a “depleted angel” unwilling to make any more sacrifices to maintain his grace and resigned to fading away. For a fun aside, when Collins was asked to select a theme song for Cas, he paused before saying “something like Rachmaninoff’s ‘Vespers.’”

Asked to compare Supernatural season 10 to season 1, Padalecki revealed some of the benefits of being on such a long-running show like how everyone knows how to work and to work hard but also feels free to have a good time. He associated the experience to being in high school for ten years, but “a high school where you actually like everybody.” About the notorious prank-ing between co-stars, Padalecki mentioned he had just pulled one on Collins an hour prior when Collins made the ginormous mistake of leaving his phone unattended and still signed on to twitter!

The more laid-back, fun-filled attitude of the show was reflected by the attitude of the actors who, for the most part, seemed keener on casually chatting rather than being officially interviewed. Ackles started his interview asking how everyone was holding up, Padalecki enthusiastically relayed the story of his hat and how his son Thomas picked it out and Sheppard flat-out refused to answer questions and instead wanted to talk about the state of Comic Con observing that even though it has grown in proportion, it’s actually become nicer and kinder. “It’s a good place to be,” he concluded. No arguments on that assessment!