TV Land’s Legacy with Donald Faison, William Shatner and Betty White

Donald Faison could’ve felt unwanted, unqualified and out of place when paired with William Shatner and Betty White, but he took it for what the spirit of Comic-Con was all about – the ultimate chance to be a fan. “I had no idea Betty White and William Shatner were gonna argue today! This is awesome!” to quote Donald halfway through the panel.

Led by TV Land’s president Larry Jones, the TV Land panel covered hot topics like how William Shatner got the role as Captain Kirk, why are zombies so popular and Betty White’s love of the zoo. What we learned? Betty was a huge Trekkie, who chooses to be positive in her every day life (“Your mood is your choice.”). Donald never thought Clueless would take off and hold up, he still meets 18 year old fans who recently discovered the film (and have fallen in love). And William Shatner (who was in a wheelchair due to an incident with a horse) is working on a digital comic book.

But the pressing question was posed by Betty White herself, “Do they (zombies) glow in the dark? I’ve always wondered that.” Heading off to the next event of the day. More later.