Sound Uncensored: Darren Rose Radio

Despite the current state of modern radio, its penchant for playing the same song 13 times a day, its moldy, corporate formats that cater to dumbing down the musical mind and on air personalities seemingly more interested in the sound of their own voices than in dispensing information, there are some sources of illumination out there where the music and the talk are far from cheap. One of those sources is right here with us: our weekly High Voltage Radio show, Saturdays from 6pm-7pm PST on the Independent FM. Another is Dirty Glitter w/ Brody Ramone.

And then there’s Darren Rose Radio – Inside Radio & Records

“…an unrestricted conversation series featuring artists, producers, managers, DJs, record execs, and other industry players offering perspective on their career and the music business. This is far from your typical radio interview…”

Now when you click on that link (which you will because you’re smart) you can read all about who Darren is and what his show is all about. The reason for pointing him out to you is because what he’s doing is a service (and a damned entertaining one) not so much for folks within this thing called the music industry, but for those of you who are not. Those of you who are music fans, who may have even the slightest notion of becoming a musician, of working in the industry/radio or anyone simply curious about its inner workings can dig into this. Why?

Darren, a few years back, was one of the most popular DJs at Los Angeles’ 98.7 KYSR as well as one of the LA music scene’s biggest proponents of local bands – for those who didn’t know. This is him doing what he does best: conversation, information and entertainment. All in a neat, shooting-the-shit little podcast package brought to you from the deck of his home in Silverlake, CA.

Darren calls it an “unrestricted conversation series.” Fair play. So far his guests have included Chris Null (bassist, Dead Sara), Mikel Jollett (The Airborne Toxic Event) and Jeff Castelaz (President of Elecktra Records, Dangerbird, the Pablove Foundation) amongst others. The conversations are fascinating, friendly, uncensored and informative: I had no idea Chris was a pool hustler! And in Darren’s latest session with manager/booker Reg B and Dave Green from the Filthy Souls, they rant about things with lovely British accents and may or may not have questionable immigration statuses.

So bookmark the site, check out the archives, subscribe to Darren Rose Radio to get the latest delivered right to your inbox weekly and enjoy. If Darren’s guests were records, these interviews would be their liner notes.