Top 10 Reasons Venues/Promoters No Longer Want To Book Your Band

NOTE: This was the first article in the series of educational humor notes posted by High Voltage on Facebook last year, just figured they should live on our website too. The series was themed “BANDS, TREAT YOUR BAND LIKE THE BUSINESS IT IS” and included several Top 10 lists. Enjoy!

Bands, have you ever wondered why you can’t get better gigs? Or why that one venue you used to play regularly suddenly won’t return your phone calls and emails? Well, check out this list and see if you fall into any of these categories.

Top 10 Reasons Venues/Promoters No Longer Want To Book Your Band

10. You still use the old MySpace as a promotional tool (and include your MySpace link as the place to listen to your music). This goes for SonicBids as well.

9. You don’t put any effort into advertising/promoting your show.

8. You book four shows in the same market in a 10 day period violating your agreed upon radius clause. FYI – the radius clause exists to help both you as a band and the venue/promoter. When executed well, it helps your draw, your fan base growth and at the end of the night more money in both parties pockets.

7. You tend to cancel your show one week out (or less!) while offering no solution to help your “problem.”

6. You regularly turn down a perfectly good show in hopes Muse calls to bring you on tour. Exception To This Rule: Dead Sara

5. There was only one Guns N Roses and you’re not it. And today’s version isn’t it either. Do not act like an entitled rock star, do not trash your dressing room or the venue and be respectful and appreciative of the venue staff & fans whom have come together to make this show possible.

4. You’re a brand new band and you’re demanding a high guarantee and a weekend headlining slot. This only works when your name is Paul McCartney or Dave Grohl, etc.

3. You’ve booked your last seven shows with Venue X before you could really bring in a crowd. Now that Venue X has helped build you up as reputable act, taking a risk on the little guy, and you’ve grown your fan base/reach – you don’t return to Venue X. Instead you book a show at their competitor Venue Y. Then when Venue Y doesn’t promote the show and you end up losing money you try to return to Venue X. It’s okay to play around town, but remember the people who were there for you first. It’s nicer to reward Venue X with better bar sales on Show #8, than to refuse to return to that venue until you “need” them again.

2. You draw is less than 10 people and most of those people are on your guest list or you snuck in as “crew.” Your girlfriend (or boyfriend) is not a roadie, so do not give them one drumstick to walk into the venue.

And the number one reason your band is never getting booked again…

1. You treat your 100 capacity club show like a sold out Madison Square Garden event complete with a list of ridiculous rider demands (i.e. 200 Green M&Ms and decorative scarves over lamp shade lighting).

P.S. Helpful Tip: Bands, to avoid surprises and help both yourselves & the venue, please READ YOUR CONFIRMATION SHEETS.