Forever For Now by LP

Released: June 3, 2014

LP | Forever for Now | Rating: 9.8/ 11 |

LP’s debut album is an absolute breath of fresh air. From start to finish, every track is exceptional and radio-worthy. It’s ultimately satisfying considering this talented songwriter is not new to the game, having penned tracks released by the likes of Rihanna and Christina Aguilera. Now it’s her turn to shine.

The opener, “Heavenly Light” will inspire many a remix. It’s got that dance diva quality, reminiscent of Kylie Minogue or Cher, and something that just encourages a romp the dance floor to let loose and let go. Veering off in a different direction, “Night Like This” starts off with a fun stomp-clap beat anchoring LP’s unique voice as it floats seamlessly to falsetto and back. When added to acoustic guitar in “One Last Mistake,” LP’s voice briefly goes the way of Dolly Parton but the harmonies in the refrain bring the listener back.

For those familiar with the Goo Goo Dolls, the beginning of “Tokyo Sunrise” may provoke vague memories. That may be producer Rob Cavallo at work. His pedigree includes Green Day, Dave Matthews Band and Phil Collins to name a few. The similarities end at the guitar though. LP lets her voice loose in this one, belting out an Eastern-flavored melody backed by busy violins. “Your Town” is a lovely ballad with gorgeous imagery in the lyrics. There’s ample opportunity for live audience interaction during the hand claps at the bridge. “Salvation” could also be great live, as long as the crowd can hit the notes in the “whoa” bits. LP pushes her voice even higher during the breakdown. The song feels larger than life as a result. Coupled only with piano chords, it’s a thrilling thing to hear. If there’s a song on this track list that would cause goosebumps, “Free to Love” would be it. “The day has come / we’re free to love.” Considering June is Pride Month, this song will hit home for many.

The problem when every song is this good is that it eventually becomes too much to take at any one time. At this point in the album, “Levitator” and “Someday” suffer slightly because they contain the same basic elements wrapped up in different paper with different colored bows. “Savannah” fares better, due to the sheer emotion in LP’s voice pleading, “Give me another day.” It’s “Into the Wild” that gives the album renewed wings. With a hooky chorus and a drum line that makes you want to run through fields of imagined daisies, it’s no question why this song caught attention back in 2012, putting LP on the road to this album. The final track breaks all expectation and stereotype beautifully. Somewhere between Nancy Sinatra’s “Bang Bang” and Lana Del Rey’s version of “Once Upon a Dream” lies LP’s “Forever For Now.” Despite the orchestration, it’s LP’s voice that takes center stage, pitting her lower range against a high operatic falsetto. That it’s the title track begs the question, “Is this what’s underneath the pop production on the rest of the album?”

The songwriter that masters both is an intriguing one indeed. LP fits that bill perfectly. She is unconventional, brilliant, calculated, mysterious and just damn good. This album is without a doubt, a statement: LP is out under her own name, ready to kick ass and take names. If she keeps this up, the road ahead will not only be bright, it will be dotted with disco balls and stars.