Oh Honey @ The Belasco Theatre

Oh Honey | The Belasco Theatre (Los Angeles, CA) | May 19, 2014 |

The Belasco Theatre in downtown Los Angeles is a gorgeous, recently renovated movie theater/art house from the 1920’s. The architectural and lighting details blend an old majesty and present-day technology to create a space that demands a special evening. Up for that task was Brooklyn-based band, Oh Honey. As the members of the indie folk group stepped on to the main stage, the room was silenced in anticipation. Singer-songwriter duo, Danielle Bouchard and Mitchy Collins led the way, trading off vocals and intertwining beautiful harmonies in a series of uplifting ditties. As they bounced and swayed through songs off their EP, With Love, Danielle in a subtly polka-dotted dress and Mitchy in a jean jacket and Brooklyn-esque hat, the best descriptor of the scene might be cute.


© Kristen Coveleskie, 2014

There was a lot to enjoy about the peppier tunes like “I Love You Will Still Sound The Same” with its infectious sing-along or the Glee-worthy single “Be Okay” which features an undeniably catchy chorus. However, the real beauty of the band was the glow beneath the sweet surface, reflected in the honesty of the lyrics and in the earnestness occasionally felt on the stage. When the singing duo really connected is when the band was at its best. The slower tunes were particularly mesmerizing allowing Danielle’s honey-like voice to shine as it pours over Mitchy’s solid undertones.

The duo has been hard at work since the release of With Love last fall, supporting national tours and playing fairly large venues across the country. Los Angeles was the last stop on this particular tour with James Blunt and perhaps as a result, the leads seemed a tad weary at times, allowing the pleasant spark created on stage to be drowned by the grandiose setting.

As an opening act, it can be difficult to commandeer a room, but since the crowd was eager to engage and the songs were easy to enjoy, by the end of the set many were clapping and singing along enthusiastically. It seemed like the band was really finding their groove and then the all too brief 30 minute set was over, leaving the audience wanting more. Thankfully, more is just what they can give us as the band is about to hop on to another national tour in June/July, opening for The Fray.