Take Me Away From Here – SXSW 2014 – March 15th

Well, it’s officially the end of SXSW (alright, there’s a half day tomorrow). The wear and tear of the week was a lot for all of us to deal with, especially due to lack of sleep. Walks that seemed to be easy were suddenly much farther away and venues that had available seating were highly favored over others that did not. But all in all it was a relaxing and easy end to another fantastic year.

Band Photo of the Day

Parade of Lights @ Little Woodrow’s

Best Party: 
The Party in My Pants Party at Little Woodrow’s had a solid lineup with the likes of The Rocketboys, Desert Noises, Andrew Belle, Katie Herzig and Parade of Lights. There was also a taco truck and although I didn’t eat from there, it smelled really good.

EDITORIAL COMMENT: One Night In Austin, the annual Perez Hilton event, had a sick line-up this year that included Blondie. Holy wow!

Blondie @ Perez Hilton’s One Night In Austin

Best Swag: 
I acquired a Revlon matte lipstain from someone who got it as swag but it didn’t go with her skin tone. However, it looks beautiful with mine and has a lovely buttery texture. New favorite for sure.

Best Musical Discovery: 
Hands down it was We Met Tomorrow. They are a three-piece band from Sweden and the singer sits so he can play guitar and use his feet for bass drum, snare drum, or tambourine. The bass player has a foot pedal so he can hit the crash cymbal. They are really unique, engaging and genre bending. Definitely worth a lookup.

Best Thing You Ate: 
This might sound lame but I’m pretty sure my egg salad sandwich from Which Wich was the best thing ever. I was either really hungry or really tired. Probably a combination of both.

EDITORIAL COMMENT: While Amanda didn’t make it, the rest of us heading to Red Bull’s Media Luncheon with catered Salt Lick BBQ. YUUUUUM-MY!

Worth Waiting In Line For: 
Wakey!Wakey! at the Whole Foods rooftop party.

Best Moment: 
Having my friend come in from out of town who isn’t really into live music and watch her engage and fall for a band. Magical moments like that is what live music is all about.

Thing We’re Bummed We Missed: 
Everything else that was happening on the east side. Why isn’t there an easy way back and forth that is quick and efficient? Like a subway would be nice.

Preview For Following Day:
One of our favorite Denmark acts, The Foreign Resort, is closing up SXSW at Red Eyed Fly tomorrow night (Sunday, March 16th) around 11pm. 

Longest Walk: 
Today was pretty mild actually. The longest trek was from the hotel to Whole Foods which has already been done several times over.

~ Amanda Bard