Never Going Home Tonight – SXSW 2014 – March 12th

As a whole, Team High Voltage knew that Wednesday at SXSW was going to be the ‘worst’ day of this festival. ‘Worst’ as in the day with the most schedule conflicts in terms of bands that we all want to see yet were playing at the same time, had overlapping times or were too far away. It was almost enough to make hardcore music lovers like ourselves weep. How could the Music Gods expect us to choose between seeing Dear Boy and the Kin, both at 8pm?

Anyhoo, choose we did, and often. No regrets, just music so let’s roll into the recap.

High Voltage’s SXSW 2014 Video Recap – Pt. 2

 Band Photo of the Day
The Silent Comedy @ Rusty’s
Best Party:
Now let me think… best party…? Good God, people, hands down and no question about it the honor of Best Party goes to Crave Onlines Music Showcase at Rusty’s. The Silent Comedy, Hellbenders, 8mm, Super Water Symphony, Miniature Tigers, Queen Caveat… and the door slammed shut by Semi Precious Weapons giving up the raucous feel-good as only they can. Hat’s off to you Crave Online.
Best Musical Discovery:
She’s not in Kansas anymore but she does go by the name of Dorothy. It was early in the afternoon and there she and her band were on the patio stage of Swing House’s ATX Invasion Party at Rusty’s. Where she was straight up rock, she had a vocal swagger to her that gave as good as it took.

Best Thing You Ate:
I don’t know whether or not Canada is notable for its macaroni and cheese but, holy cow, the Canadian Blast BBQ had hot and delicious trays full of the stuff as part of their day party.

Did I mention the mac and cheese was free?

Worth Waiting In Line For:
No such animal, folks.

Thing We’re Bummed To Have Missed:
UK songstress Jetta. Either her set time was moved up and we didn’t know it or her set was alarmingly short and we’d missed it.

Preview for Thursday 3/13:
Badassbands Blog is throwing one hell of a showcase, albeit unofficial at the Jackalope on 404 E. 6th Street featuring the Janks, the Shakers, Mars & the Massacre, the Soft White Sixties, Heavy Heavy Hearts, Little Wild and No Small Children. You could very well show up and make yourself comfortable all day. Also on the day’s menu: AgesandAges at Swan Dive @ 1:30pm, Sir Sly at Bar 96 @ 4pm, the Silent Comedy at Rusty’s @ 5pm, the Strypes at 1100 Warehouse @ 7:30pm and Misterwives at Swan Dive @ 11pm.

On an unfortunate note, by now many of you have heard about the tragic accident that occurred outside of the venue Mohawk on Red River. Many were injured, two were killed, words just fail at how awful that situation is and we hope there is some comfort for the victims and their families. Due to this, there is only one possible choice for our “Best Moment.”

Best Moment: Finding out that friends and those we care about were safe.

~Trina N. Green