Dirty Glitter 2013 In Review #3: Say Hello to the Janks, D & M and Javier Dunn

Hello again, lovelies. What time is it? Just Dirty Glitter with Brody Ramone-review time. Third installment of my High Voltage Magazine-recap, so let’s get down to business.

High Voltage Segment on Dirty Glitter: 8/22/2013

The Janks- “Rat Racer”
If you listened to an album’s worth of the Janks music you’d be able to pinpoint their very specific formula: no, rules; just right- whatever ‘just right’ is. The Janks are Zachary Zmed, his brother Dylan Zmed, Paul Kilmister and Leon LeDoux and they have a serious classic rock jones but rock out so eclectically, sometimes irreverently. One of LA’s premier radio stations described them as “Imagine Jack White had a baby with Jimmy Page. And that baby had a brother. And those brothers were adopted and raised by a commune of favorites like Father John Misty and Family of the Year.” That’s pretty much it. Vocals and brotherly harmonies are provided by Zach and Dylan and their live show is incredible. In August they had a month-long residency at the auspicious LA venue, the Satellite and what a fantastically successful residency it was.

And if the last names Zmed or Kilmister sound familiar, they should be: Zach and Dylan’s dad happens to be actor Adrian Zmed and Paul? His dad goes by the name of Lemmy (Motorhead).

D&M- “Dirty Love”
From Philadelphia we have the duo D&M, simply named so because the players are Danny Fornasa and Matt Klahre who met in college back in 2009 and bonded over their love of rock and roll, blues and pop which you can hear plain as day in the grittiness of this track. Danny has some impressive vocal range and tone which is just as at home on any genre style. Expect a full length release from these guys later this year but in the meantime here’s “Dirty Love”.

Javier Dunn- “Couple Of Drinks”
For the past 10 years or so Javier Dunn has been the right hand guitar-man of singer-songtress Sara Bareilles but now making music under his own steam: it sounds like that shyly confident romantic storyteller with a Taylor guitar on open mic night getting his synth-washed sexy back and phone numbers on cocktail napkins. Javier has a terrific new album out called Trails that’s all about love and its potential, if not inevitable, highs and pitfalls with an overlay of R&B groove and pop sense electronically tweaked. This track comes from that album and it’s pretty much a tale of a night out on the town and romancing via liquid courage. Here’s “Couple Of Drinks.”

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