SXSW: Southern Trance, March 16th – RECAP

I honestly thought today was going to be a slow day because it’s the tail end of SXSW and after all the walking I’ve done, I was pretty darn sore. Between my feet and legs yelling at me, I was not a happy camper. However, sometime in the afternoon a switch flipped in a my head and I had a renewed sense of strength and purpose. Not only did I manage to see quite a few bands, I walked from west to east and back again. Take that!

Band Photo of the Day

Willy Moon @ The Belmont

Favorite Music Discovery Today:
It’s a close one. I really enjoyed watching PUJOL at Rachel Ray’s party at Stubb’s. They had a great vibe and some fun music. However, I also really enjoyed watching watching Willy Moon play at the Skype Party at The Belmont. His crazy live energy really got me dancing!

Favorite Moment:
I think today’s best moments were spent hanging out with friends old and new. From hanging with Free Energy at the Rolling Stone party, to the photo booth at the Perez Hilton party, to spending time with Blackout Party at Wahoo’s. Today was all about moments with friends.

Band/s you wanted to see but couldn’t make it in time:
I wanted to catch The Royalty and A Silent Film tonight but I missed out. Since tonight is the last official night of SXSW, I won’t get another chance to see them. Insert sad face here.

Longest Walk?:
Today I went from Free Energy at La Zona Rosa (612 W. 4th St.) to Moon Taxi at Empire Automotive (604 E. 7th St.) and then over to The Belmont for The Neighborhood (305 W. 6th St.).

Best Swag Today:
It’s a tough one because I got some cool stuff today from the Rolling Stone Party including two pretty feathered pins from Worth & Worth. However, I think the best swag of the day was the Blackout Party t-shirt and cd.

Today’s Best Event/Party:
Rolling Stone at La Zona Rosa. It was a great opportunity to hang out and relax for a bit. There was great music while we were there, including tunes from Gus + Scout and Jake Bugg before Free Energy went on. There was also food and the line was far more manageable than the Rachel Ray party at Stubb’s.

Where was the Best Food?
We stopped for some Thai food at Thai Passion and sampled some appetizers like a passion roll (egg roll) and poi-peersod (basically the same but with shrimp). Both were quite tasty!

Show Worth Waiting in Line For:
I didn’t have any line waits today but many other people might say that Prince and Justin Timberlake were worth waiting in line for. 

SPOTTED (Random Run Ins and Sightings):
No crazy run ins to report today. There was far more crazy on the streets from random people. It’s a Saturday night in downtown Austin. What did you expect?

– Amanda Bard