SXSW: Loosen my lips, March 13th – RECAP

Today was a classic SXSW day full of intense walking, delicious food, amazing surprises, general insanity, and plenty of music. From an early afternoon documentary screening to a late night electro-dance party, there was no stopping. But with so much going on everywhere you look, is pressing pause even an option?

Band Photo of The Day:

Foxes at Red Eyed Fly 

Favorite Music Discovery Today: 
Kassidy – A quick walk past The British Embassy turned into clapping and cheering from the front row due to the magnetism of the drum-less, acoustic guitar-driven harmonies featured in this quartet from Glasgow.

Favorite Moment: 
Refer to the response from “Spotted”…that followed closely by enjoying time in the photo pit and backstage for the twenty one pilots set at Waterloo Records. Oh, and watching a speaker literally catch fire at The Neighbourhood show at Clive Bar (that band is hot right now!).

Bands you wanted to see but couldn’t make it in time. Are they playing again (when/where)? 
Buzzy electro-pop outfit, Chvrches, was at the top of my list, but the extended Kassidy detour and tremendously long line to get in at Red 7 for the Windish Party made seeing them today an impossibility. I heard the band was back at Red 7 Friday around 5pm. Try to get their early.

Longest walk: 
It was only 1.5 miles but the walk from Clive Bar on Davis St. to Waterloo Records on Lamar seemed longer…

Best swag today:
Amazing Marshall Headphones acquired from the Swinghouse/Crave day party at Rusty’s.

Today’s best event/party
The Nikon/Warner Sound party at The Belmont was the best not just because of the solid line-up, great DJs, and free Luden’s cough drops (still getting over a slight cold here), but because of the audience which seemed to be full of true music fans who approached every band that played like it was the best band they’d ever seen. The kind of enthusiasm is contagious and the whole room was having the time of their lives!

The crowd for twenty one pilots at The Warner Sound Party

Best Food: 
The coconut cream milkshake from 24 Diner. I’d been waiting two years for this milkshake…it did not disappoint.

Show worth waiting in line for: There wasn’t much of a line, but we did end up waiting a bit to get into the screening of the Butch Walker documentary, Out of Focus. The wait seemed infinitesimal after the screening and brief Q&A from one of the directors. The film was both insightful and compelling, giving the viewer a better understanding, not just of Butch Walker, but of what it takes to be a self-supporting musician, focusing on the creative process as well as the bonds and the sacrifices made in the life of a musician.

SPOTTED (Random Run-Ins and Sightings): 
We spotted Dave Grohl walking to lunch. We happened to be going in the same direction. We then got “stuck” at a stop light together. I couldn’t resist using the opportunity to say hello and shake the man’s hand. Don’t miss Mr. Grohl’s keynote speech on Thursday.

– Kristen Coveleskie