SXSW: All The Rage, March 12th – RECAP

Today was the official start of SXSW Music which meant housekeeping duties like getting badges, wristbands, and other needed credentials. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all line waiting. I managed to get to the Spotify House, Paste/Sennheiser Lounge, German Haus, Hype Hotel, and Central Presbyterian Church. I know it’s only going to get crazier from here on out! 

Band Photo of the Day:

Milk Carton Kids @ Central Presbyterian Church

Favorite Music Discovery Today:
Jamie N. Commons – a British singer/songwriter who is also trained in opera perked my ears from the moment he started singing. Love.

Favorite moment:
Reuniting with familiar friends in a completely different city while eating at The Great British Breakfast at Old School Bar and Grill. Yummy food and good company always makes for great moments.
Bands you wanted to see but couldn’t make it in time? Are they playing again (where/when)?:
Atlas Genius at The Main was something I wanted to get to but it was going to be impossible to make after seeing The Milk Carton Kids. Thankfully I can catch them at the Haven on 3/13 at 11pm or the Warner Sound Party at The Belmont at 9:10pm on 3/14.
Longest walk:
Breakfast at Old School Bar and Grill (401 E. 6th Street) to the Spotify House (1010 E. Cesar Chavez Street) was the longest stretch today…
Best swag today:
Free tote bag at German Haus/Reeperbahn! Although one lucky member of our team walked away with a JanSport backpack today…
Today’s best event/party:
Spotify House with Jamie N. Commons and twenty one pilots was a blast. Great bands. Free photo booth. Free Spotify Premium (48 hours or 30 day trials). Free food for the first 100. Charging station. What else do I need?
Best food:
Chi’lantro – a Korean/Mexican fusion food truck that has it right. One spicy pork burrito with lime butter rice and all the fixings and I’m a happy girl.

SPOTTED (Random Run-Ins and Sightings):
Running into Tomes PR on our way to get credentials was a nice way to start the day.

– Amanda Bard