Song Spotlight: Catching Finish Ticket On Their Way Out

“So our band name is a funny one. We basically decided that we don’t ever want to share the true meaning behind the name because, we were in high school when we came up with it and we aren’t too fond of the meaning anymore, to say the least. We like to make up stories in each interview. Usually we say that it is because we ran track in high school and it has to do with placing in a race. Another one is that we want to travel to Finland and don’t have the funds to buy a ticket out there, so instead we dropped one of the n’s in Finnish and made it our name. We usually have a lot more, but those are the two that I remember at the moment.”


Okay. So this is what we’re dealing with where twin brothers Brendan and Michael Hoye, Gabe Stein and Alex DiDonato who are San Francisco Bay Area’s Finish Ticket are concerned: mystery, wanderlust and chronic lying.

Aside from these issues (all of which can be solved with a little counseling), tomorrow- Tuesday, February 26th- marks a day of great import for these guys: the release of their debut full length album, Tears You Apart, where clean, airy and unobstructed production is the name of the game. Former Rilo Kiley bassist Pierre de Reeder served as producer and the result is 11 solid tracks that are pop/rock lush with melodies of lovely; straddling those lines and- along with Brendan’s silken vocals- it’s ear candy, if you will.

Utter ear candy is surely the third track, “Catch You On My Way Out,” which is a musing and contemplative song that, with pretty piano and guitar support, expands and contracts emotionally as well as sonically in all of the right places. Where are we going with this wistful song?


“In a modern world, you’re a different kind. With every step I take you fall behind…”

“Lyrically, this song is basically about putting our lives on hold to pursue music and having to let our relationships with friends, family, and girlfriends suffer because of it.” Alex says. “It’s about trying to find that balance, but never really being able to.” Damn that rock and roll lifestyle but somebody’s got to do it.

Did I mention that their album, Tears You Apart, comes out tomorrow Tuesday, February 26th? Okay. Ear candy.