Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Jam At…A Farmers Market?

Saturday January 19, 2013

Tripping the daylight fantastic among four-legged family members, organic squash blossoms, vegan pita bread and hand-stitched/embroidered whatevers…

That’s just an ordinary Saturday at the Farmer’s Market in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Silverlake. And since LA is never one to do ordinary for more than 15 minutes, enter Detroit’s own Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. arriving on the scene in a tricked out MINI vehicle affectionately called the MINI Rockmobile. And it’s a literal thing as Josh Epstein and Daniel Zott (Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.) cruised in said vehicle (which is a traveling “stage” wired for performance) along city streets, playing their tunes enroute to the Farmers Market for a bright set of their alternative pop. A healthy crowd gathered around as the weather, which had been downright frigid of late, decided to remember that we were in California and lent itself to a groovy afternoon in the sun. Josh and Daniel treated us to songs like “Morning Thought,” “Simple Girl” and even a loop-filled cover of the Beach Boys “God Only Knows.” 

Visual aids: