The So Manys

The So Manys | January 4, 2013 | Interviewer: Joy Jarme

HV: Please introduce yourselves to our readers and include your role(s) in the band.
TSM: Luke Brown and Chuck Butler. Our band is more of a production/writing partnership. We write, produce, play and sing everything on our records. 

HV: Could you tell me about your history, how you guys came together?
TSM: We came to Nashville in a band in 1996. After that band broke up we continued to write together for other artists until 2 years ago. Our publishers at the time suggested that we get together to collaborate and just do our own thing. 

HV: How would you describe your music?
TSM: Cinematic Pop Alternative 

HV: What does that mean exactly?
TSM: I would say “Cinematic Pop Alternative” is not your average pop. It’s Aggressive, Big, Emotional and normally touches on the humanness of life. At least that’s the way we think of it. 

HV: You’ve released 2 EPs online, is there a full album release planned?
TSM: We are about to release our 3rd EP and plan to keep releasing EPs. We prefer to release our music more often because we get excited about it. It’s kind of like money burning a hole in your pocket. 

HV: What are your biggest influences? Inspirations?
TSM: Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis and Max Martin. 80’s pop. Great Pop songs. Great Pop voices. Bands like Tonic, U2, Coldplay and One Republic. 

HV: How did you get involved with Glee and American Idol?
TSM: Our song “We Can” was sent to American Idol by our publisher. They loved it and used it for a promo for Season 11. Not long after that promo was done we decided we wanted to try and write a “Going Home” song for American Idol. We came up with “Not The End” and soon after finishing it we sent it to our publishers in LA and within 24 hours they had played it for the music supervisors at Glee and they loved it for the season finale which would be the graduation episode. We were so pumped that it made the Glee graduation album as well. 

HV: What other projects/shows have you been involved in?
TSM: We have had our song “Never Gonna Stop” used in the movie What To Expect When You’re Expecting, and we also had our song “Now” used in promos for NBC Nightly News. 

HV: One random fact about each member…?
TSM: Our Favorite previous Jobs:
Chuck – Forklift driver
Luke – Ace Hardware 

HV: Any upcoming tours/projects?
TSM: Our next EP is out January 29, 2013. We have no touring plans at this time. 

HV: Where did the band name come from?
TSM: When we were trying to think of a band name we looked at all the bands that were out and noticed there were so many bands names that started with “The fillintheblank” so that’s where The So Manys came from. 

HV: Anything else you’d like to tell our readers/your fans?
TSM: Check out our music and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and, and keep listening cause we are always making new music.