On The Wreckord w/ Brian Karscig From The Nervous Wreckords

Yes, he’s that Brian Karscig from Louis XIV.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here is San Diego’s the Nervous Wreckords, After SD based Louis XIV called it a day, the Nervous Wreckords became that creative outlet and next step for Karscig. So creative and so next step-ish that when all he had were a handful of recorded songs (yet no band and certainly no band name), when the Killers heard those songs they suggested that Brian and his band (which did not exist) open for them on their Day and Age Tour. A few phone calls to friends, some rehearsal and quite a bit of luck later and in three weeks time the Nervous Wreckords were born and playing their very first gig: opening a sold out Killers show in Colorado at Red Rocks.

Now there is a real band to speak of which includes Lindsay Matheson, Cindy Cate and Daniel Schraer and Nervous Wreckords now has one EP and two full lengths under their belts. Their latest, Let Them All Talk, was released in September and is fairly “typical” NW: Slightly glam coated pop bits of sexy, attitude and irreverent takes on even the most mundane yet keeping it all pop and dance party-centric (see “Josephine” from the album Valuminium for the ultimate ode to bill collectors).

So if you’re new to this thing called the Nervous Wreckords let’s get you introduced and do so via Brian, himself, as he exposes three of his favorite songs from Let Them All Talk. On the Wreckord, so to speak:

“Love Jammed the Radio” 

“This song is simply about “moving on” after a relationship has gone bad. At first you blame each other, then eventually you start to realize that there was just a communication breakdown somewhere along the line. It’s a bit of a ride through my internal thoughts during the aftermath of a breakup, I guess. It sounds stupid when you explain it, but we’ve all felt that awkwardness, confusion and heartache. People write about it all the time. I just wanted to make a rock song out of the situation instead of a ballady emo track.”

Just say “No” to the emo ballad and thank you very much because no one needs that.

“Beautiful Girl”
“This song was really inspired by my good friend (and album cover model) Amanda. She’s a transsexual that most people see as a man trying to dress like a woman. I’ve gotten to know her pretty well, and she’s our spiritual advisor and oracle. Sure, she’s 6’6″ and 7’1” when she wears high heels, but I just choose to see her as a “beautiful girl who looks like a man.

Originally, the line was “Beautiful girl, you fuck like a man,” but we really wanted to hear the song on the radio one day.”

Alrighty, then. Here’s to radio airplay and girls who fuck like men.

“Let them all Talk”
“This is probably my favorite song I’ve ever had. Not just written, but have. I listen to it still at least 3 times a week. It’s really just a tongue and cheek “fuck you” song, but not really because I’m not that pissed off. I realize that not everyone is going to love what we do or what we make, and you don’t have too. Your hair, your song that got popular, your girlfriend, whatever. I guess it’s just a facet of life: when enough people start to love something, others have to find a way to hate it. It’s the cycle of media and social clicks everywhere isn’t it??

It’s just easier to say, “Let them all Talk they’re just jealous”. I don’t hold grudges.”

Sassy and grudge-free? That’s kind of hot…as is the lower case “them all” in “Let them all Talk.”

If you happen to be in Los Angeles tonight you can catch the Nervous Wreckords at the Satellite and for free so there’s really no excuse not to.

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