New Music Monday: Nico Vega “We Are The Art”

Believe it or not and comparative to most, I haven’t lived in Los Angeles for very long: I haven’t even celebrated my third LA anniversary yet. But years before making the conscious decision to take root here, Nico Vega were my first Los Angeles band discovery and let’s give it up to MySpace for that (applause!). From the moment that I heard Aja Volkman throw down the challenge of “Take. We will be giving” with that voice…it truly was a sonic lightening bolt to that part of the soul that very few musicians get to touch and take up residence in. And yes, they are still there.

Nico Vega has changed a bit. They’ve evolved from a three-piece to a four (Hi Jamilla!). There have been two weddings and one baby. But the basic construct of what they are seems distinctively intact: soulful, passionate and unified music makers in a tribe where everyone is welcome: The more the merrier, the more loving. Where the songs come from places of challenge and champions, warriors and lovers, power and spirit with music as the conduit.

So yeah, very happy to wake up to the news of new music and video from Nico Vega. Their second album has been heavily under construction during 2012 and here’s to hoping that they gift us with it soon. In the meantime, art is the subject at hand in “We Are The Art” with its video directed by the band’s drummer, Dan Epand. It’s a reveal and revealing, yet an unadorned thing so that you can focus on the subject at hand. And nothing less is expected from Nico Vega.

“Stand up for what is beautiful. Give it up for the ones that try. Oh the art is the reason that we came here. Take a bow, together we fight.”…“We Are The Art”

PS: if you’re lucky enough to already have tickets for No Doubt’s November 24th show at Universal Ampitheatre in Los Angeles, well you’re luckier than you thought because Nico Vega will be there as support.