Ian Saint Pe of Diamond Rugs

HV: So, you’re a supergroup of sorts? 
Ian Saint Pe: We are more like a candy bar, looking’ good from the wrapper/cover all the way to the sweet, good stuff on the inside. We got tracks. You can call us “6 Musketeers.” 

HV: Do you have any particular favorite musical “supergroups?” 
Ian Saint Pe: Nope. 

HV: What was it that led you all to want to work together? 
Ian Saint Pe: My other band, Black Lips, was playing in Providence, RI, where I ended up hanging out with John McCauley [of Deer Tick] after the show. His friend, Brian (drummer), came over and we had some beers and decided to start a band. I had no idea John was going to ask Steve from Los Lobos to play with us. Once Steve said yes, I knew we were going to have something special. Hardy and Robbie filled the lineup out and the rest is on the record. AKA Good Times. 

HV: What were you hoping to accomplish with this project that you hadn’t in previous musical ventures? 
Ian Saint Pe: When this band assembled we had no idea it was going to work, but not only do we write well together, we also hang out well together. All six of us are laid back and professional. That right there is hard to find. 

HV: What are your most prominent collective influences, whether musical or otherwise? 
Ian Saint Pe: Old time Rock N Roll. Keep it Simple. 

HV: What kind of audiences has the band been attracting? I understand strip club employees and enthusiasts were the earliest supporters. 
Ian Saint Pe: What was that? Strip clubs like us? Kool. 

HV: What can fans expect of your upcoming live dates? 
Ian Saint Pe: This tour that starts on October 27 in New York and ends on November 2 at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX will be our first tour. Prior to this tour we did SXSW last year and one show in Atlanta and two shows in New York and, of course, David Letterman. [High Voltage Editor’s Note: And several LA showcases] 

I think most people are curious what this band is going to be like since most of us come from other successful bands. I’d say most people don’t really know us before the show but after the 45 minutes, they sure do. You can’t make everyone happy but I think we are doing a good job. Rock N Roll is like a wheel. It works. It ain’t broken. No need to fix it and it moves your soul. Like the Velvet Underground said, “We’re gonna have a real good time together.” 

HV: What does the future hold for Diamond Rugs? 
Ian Saint Pe: More records and more tours. We are not a “super group.” We are bigger than that. We are a band. And we thank you for your support, D.rugs.