Song Spotlight: Sad Robot’s “The Prostitute”

We live in interesting times when a song called “The Prostitute” is the topic of discussion. And just in time for the weekend (in case anyone was considering a career change) and two weeks prior to the Presidential election. Draw what you will from that.

Why so sad, robot? The only folks who can answer that question are Katherine Pawlak (vox, piano), Nick Perez (guitar) and Jake Hogenson (drums); an LA-based three-piece who, as Sad Robot, are carving a place for themselves within Los Angeles’s rock scene, planting a seed here, a seed there. Their intense live energy during their monthlong October residency at LA’s Silverlake Lounge has earned some heady praise so effective seed planting: done. Theirs is a power sound…or perhaps the sound of power and claiming it, which is lyrically blatant on tracks like “Sing” and “Hold On” from their album, 1.0 due out October 30th. This is Sad Robot’s second full-length but their first as a trio and Katherine channels that throaty vocal grit of hers to punch out a struggle, comparatively and otherwise.

“‘The Prostitute’ represents a desperate need of escape.” says Katherine. “Whether it is from your past, from yourself or a world you hope to never go back to. Metaphorically through the tale of a Prostitute, we parallel the story with the likes of Cool Hand Luke and how every attempt he made to run away, he was always brought back. There is a message of hope in this song as well and the need to never give up. I didn’t want the lyrics to conclude with a happy ending of her getting out, not that she never will, but I wanted to show the struggle in it and leave it open at the end. We hope the listener could relate to this song in their own lives as we all have our struggles and should never give up.”

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“You know, that, that Luke smile of his. He had it on his face right to the very end.”…Cool Hand Luke