New Music Monday: Rubblebucket Get “Oversaturated”

Let’s preface this conversation with the words, “Ooh, baby” and go from there.
Veering just a little left of center from their signature propulsive, tribal, all hell wonderfully breaks loose, trance-ful, dance-ful, non-acid tripping, horn-y jams (we’re talking a brass section, folks), the 8-piece Brooklyn indie-pop/Afro-funksters, Rubblebucket, kind of get their sexy (or sexier than usual) on with the new 5-song EP, Oversaturated.

Never fear as all things are masterfully intact: the alluring honey chill of Kalmia Traver’s voice, the heady instrumentation, the fierce joy and 70s-style R&B horn lines blown and the rhythmic, percussive center that holds everything together. Dig if you will the tempered and slow burn as they kick off with “Oversaturated” which grazes the line of trip-hop before asserting itself back into Rubblebucket’s wheelhouse of uplift. Kal’s indignant questioning, “Why don’t you listen?” is surely rhetorical because, I guarantee you, several somebodies are. And“Oooh Wa” keeps space age synths and handclaps in fashion as – just when the pop seems almost too perfectly sweet- it gets creatively beat shifty and earthy. I’d like to say something like, “Well played, guys and gal,” as if it were some anomaly on their part, but this is who Rubblebucket are: A cohesive madness musical tribe, hip because they’re one of the more weirdly creative and sharper knives in the drawer and that is a hell of a thing to pull off.

Oversaturated surfaces on September 11th and makes for a solid addition to your summer’s end collection of tunes deliciously ripe for Fall listening. Go on and get it HERE