HV: Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us at High Voltage Magazine. Would you care to introduce yourself to our readers? 
Tailor: Hi, my name is Tailor and I’m a singer/songwriter from Cape Town, South-Africa. 

HV: What is it that inspires you most prominently, whether musical or otherwise? 
Tailor: Life stories, either my own or other peoples’. I write very easily when I am in the right setting. Maybe a cabin in a forest when it’s raining… That’s the best inspiration I could ask for. 

HV: Your recently released debut album is titled The Dark Horse. What inspired this title and how do you feel it characterizes the sounds of the album? 
Tailor: I felt like a ‘dark horse’ in the process of making this album. But it’s also a description of the album’s mood and energy. 

HV: I understand half of the album was written in a single day, which is pretty rare. Do you feel like you’re generally most, or most efficiently, productive in short spurts, like this? 
Tailor: Oh absolutely, I love writing on the spot… It’s such an out-of-body experience. When you’re writing on the spot there’s no time to think what you’re singing about. All you know is that what you are singing is truthful and it feels real. And that to me is what songwriting is all about. 

HV: The album was mastered by Grammy-winner Ted Jensen, who has quite a few notable albums under his belt. Do you have any particular favorites from his catalogue? 
Tailor: I would definitely have to say the work he did on Fiona Apple’s album, Tidal

HV: Have you noticed any patterns among your fans and those individuals who seem to best “get” you? 
Tailor: They relate to my music on a emotional level and maybe even a spiritual level. 

HV: You’re based out of Cape Town and you do have some upcoming touring planned but, thus far, none in the US. Can US fans expect any live dates in the near future?
Tailor: Hopefully real soon. Can’t wait to perform in the US! 

HV: What have been your highlights of 2012 thus far and how do you plan to spend the rest of the year? 
Tailor: Biggest highlight is finishing off this record of mine. It’s taken me a long time to get to this point and I am finally touring and promoting it. Seeing people come to my shows and singing along to my lyrics is another highlight for me. For the rest of 2012, definitely more touring and promoting the album in South Africa and hopefully in the USA. 

HV: Looking forward to it. Thanks for your time, Tailor!