Summer Songs: Youngblood Hawke, Terraplane Sun

The one thing that you really want from a summer jam is for it to make it all feel good; like the sun is shining on the inside and all things are possible. With that vibe in mind, here are two doses of sunshine in music form for you.

Youngblood Hawke 
Last year, from the remnants of Iglu & Hartly came Youngblood Hawke: A finer formation from former I & H members Sam Martin and Simon Katz along with friends Alice Katz, Tasso Smith and Nik Hughes. Youngblood Hawke has woven itself into Los Angeles’ music community with their honest passion for kinship among fellow music makers and via a tried and true music methodology: hook, chorus, and danceability. The uplift of last summer’s “Rootless” was right on, their live shows are rowdy affairs (in a good way), and with a full album enroute, the guys and gal just released this piece of pop anthem: “We Come Running.”

Terraplane Sun

Yet another good thing having five parts to equal a solid whole comes straight from Venice, CA: Terraplane Sun.  Where the sun and swamp meet, Ben Rothbard (vocals, guitar, harmonica, tambourine), Johnny Zambetti (guitar, mandolin), Cecil Campanaro (bass), Gabe Feenberg (keys, lap steel guitar, trombone) and Lyle Riddle (drums) have no problems blending and bending the curves of rock and blues, country and folk, and whatever else they deem worthy in their world. They just wrapped up a successful July residency at the LA venue, the Satellite, and if you missed it I’m a little sad for you. They’ve got soul, they’ve got grit, and is a righteous cocktail of pure musicianship. Fresh from their upcoming Friends EP is a little “Get Me Golden.”
Enjoy the tunes, explore the bands, and get your summer on.