Rock of Ages – A Year of Waiting Comes To An End

What’s this? A movie review? Get ready as High Voltage is gearing up to make the switch from music to lifestyle content very soon. Movies, Music, Books, Health/Wellness and so much more. And now for the main attraction…

If there’s two things I’m extremely well versed in it’s the so-called 80s Hair Metal genre and The Sunset Strip, so you can imagine my excitement for the Rock of Ages movie to come out. Who will they cast? Which songs by which artists will they use? Will it actually resemble The Sunset Strip in some authentic manner? And lastly, but most importantly, when is this bloody film ever going to come out?

Well it’s here. The wait is over. Was it worth it? Yes. Director Adam Shankman did a fantastic job mixing the best aspects of Los Angeles/West Hollywood into his version of The Sunset Strip. For the most part the characters were familiar, the venues eerily similar, and the song choices were right on the money. Even the hidden touches like real band posters from 80s (ahem Jetboy a la Feel The Shake!) made me smile.

Catherine Zeta-Jones is a star in everything she touches and Russell Brand was built for this movie, but the real shock came from Alec Baldwin and Paul Giamatti whose characters were spot on. Even newcomer Diego Boneta had the right mix of hopeful newbie and rock n roll veteran for the role. In fact, aside from Tom Cruise trying too hard to portray a weathered rock star and the random inclusion/character that was Mary J Blige’s role, Rock of Ages is worth a viewing or two. Especially for those who were ever part of The Sunset Strip (no matter the decade… even as a patron!) as you’ll spend half the film going “oh that’s supposed to be so-and-so” and the other half rockin’ out in your seat to Poison, Def Leppard, Joan Jett, Journey and many other classics.

Rating: 8.5/11