Dead Sara Rock Jimmy Kimmel Live With “Weatherman”

You know that feeling when every ounce of faith that you’ve had over the years in something or someone comes to full bloom right before your eyes? Yeah, that’s what happened last night at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood when Dead Sara made their national television debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

When their manager asked if I was coming to the show, I told him that it had been on my calendar for two weeks. Over the past three years I’ve watched this band evolve and revolve around itself, but never once did I doubt their ability to put a much needed beautiful hurt on music. That hurt went a little something like this:

And this….
Emily Armstrong, Sean Friday, Siouxsie Medley, and Chris Null are Dead Sara, they are on the cover of our Spring issue of High Voltage Magazine, and if they don’t reinforce your faith in good music- real music- then nothing will.