As The Crow Flies

As The Crow Flies | by: Craig Johnson | Click to Preview This!Rating: 9/11 |

Remember as a kid when you would play Cowboys and Indians and watch The Lone Ranger on television? Well even if you don’t, As The Crow Flies might help give you some insight. As the newest addition to the Walt Longmire series, Craig Johnson blends together murder and mystery with what one might expect about life on the Rez.

Detective Walt Longmire is busy planning his daughter’s wedding and has encountered a slight problem, the location is no longer available. While looking for alternatives with his friend Henry Standing Bear they witness a Crow woman fall to her death with her baby son in her arms. What might have been a suicide is starting to look like a homicide and Walt is right in the middle of it. He finds himself acting as a mentor and tutor to the new tribal sheriff in town, Lolo Long who doesn’t seem to have a handle on things. It’s up to Walt to help Lolo solve the murder before his daughter’s wedding.

Admittedly, the book was a little hard to get into within the first few pages because of the various Native American names being thrown around. Having never read a book like this, it took a chapter to adapt to but after that it was highly entertaining. This is a book that keeps the reader guessing with subtle hints often overlooked due to the enthralling nature of the book. With everything else going on in the daily life, the main mystery tended to take a backseat. This book was a great illustrator of Native American life, humor, and customs. If all else, this book should be read by those that want to reminisce about a less complicated time and enjoy some Native American humor with a dash of murder. It’s also worth noting that the books series has been developed into a show on A&E called Longmire.

– Amanda Bard