Everest Give Up The “Rapture”

Whether or not they’re named after a mighty mountain that insane people repeatedly attempt to climb, don’t have a clue and maybe I’ll ask them the next time that I see them, but Los Angeles rockers, Everest, do have the ability to craft some towering sounds that edge folk and alternative, country and rock, yet always just kind of bloom into soulful sounds of catharsis. Now cradled in the bosom of ATO Records (who seem to appreciate such sonics stylings), Everest are set to release their third full length album Ownerless on June 26th which guitarist Joel Graves describes as a “hopeful love letter slipped under the door”.

How sweet.

In 2010 Russell Pollard (vox, guitar, drums), Jason Soda (guitar, keys), Joel Graves (guitar, keys), and Elijah Thomson (bass) gave us the warm rock of On Approach, here in 2012 it’s the broad and adventurous canvas of Ownerless and you can sample some of that goodness right here with the track “Rapture”. Fortunately, it’s not the Harold Camping kind.

Dig it, download it.