Graham Lovelis of The Fling

HV: Please introduce yourselves to our readers. 

Graham: My name is Graham. My band is called The Fling. I’m 6 ft, 170 lbs, green eyes, various tattoos, and right now I have a terrible excuse for a beard. 

HV: If the beard is Movember-related, it’s okay. Your brand of indie rock isn’t the typical Long Beach “sound”. How did your sound develop? What are your musical influences? 

Graham: There are a lot of different bands. We listen to everything. I personally own a lot of punk, slow jams, Elliott Smith, and Tom Waits. I’ll do pretty much anything. Although I saw that band Hot Chelle Ray or Hot Rachel Ray, whatever they’re called, I saw them on a late night show and a part of me died. That shit is just ugly. 

HV: Yeah, no argument there. What is the biggest difference between the Fling of 2007 and the band today? 

Graham: We’re better players for sure. I didn’t really play bass or sing prior to the band so I’m definitely a bit more comfortable with myself now. Everyone is learning to play off each other more. It’s starting to sound like us. 

HV: What are some of your favorite LA venues to play? 

Graham: The Echo has always been kind to us. 

HV: Definitely one of L.A’s best and I’ve seen you there twice. Is there a particular song that you feel most captures the essence of the band? 

Graham: I’d say you have to listen to the whole album. We change singers and styles a lot. 

HV: Rolling Stones or the Beatles? 

Graham: Strange Days. 

HV: The Doors, noted. Your debut “When the Madhouses Appear” was a strong full length offering; when do you expect a follow-up?

Graham: Probably next spring or summer. Hoping to rent out a house for a few months here soon and just record all day and night. 

HV: We’ll be looking forward to it. What band/artist/music is currently blowing your minds? 

Graham: At this moment Tame Impala because its playing. New Feist is really good. Heard the new Heartless Bastards record. Sounds awesome. Our friend in Austin showed us that a few days ago. 

HV: You’ve signed to L.A.-based Dangerbird Records who are notorious for unearthing indie musical gems; was signing with them particularly important (as opposed to other indie or major labels)? 

Graham: Between them and management a lot of the business end is taken off our shoulders. Musicians should be playing music you know? That’s how great records are made. Anybody that helps us to create more is awesome. 

HV: Do you have a dream band that you would love to tour with? 

Graham: Flaming Lips would be pretty insane. I want to get in that bubble. 

HV: Pretty sure there’s a line waiting for that bubble. Thanks for your time, Graham!