Listen Up: Big Troubles & Non Ultra Joy

Alex Craig and Ian Drennan vocally lead the New Jersey four-piece Big Troubles and have crafted a solid piece of modern pop with just enough sweet to balance out the substance, slightly slick while retaining a healthy dose of jangle on the ears. Check out their latest release,  Romantic Comedy,  guided by the production ears of one Mitch Easter (R.E.M., Pavement)

Also on the side of good noise, from Los Angeles we have Non Ultra Joy who pack the rock purity of the basic 3-piece via John Girgus, Chris McRitchie, and Dave McKay. Easily inspired by the likes of the Cure as they coin their alt-rock sound as “The Cure mugging Dinosaur Jr…”. Okay, gentlemen, we’ll take that. We’ll also take this FREE download of your Disclaimer EP because…well, we like it.