It All Takes Shape…

While I write this, I’m eating string cheese (bet you thought I was going to say olives). Why string cheese? Because it’s tasty, as well as nutritious, and we women need our calcium.

In the vein of accomplishments, new beginnings, dreams realized, and such, here we are (you and I) at the start and restart of High Voltage Magazine. It’s a brave new world and I have no righteous clue how I stumbled into the position to have this dynamic platform to launch my voice from, but now it’s so. You all have Chelsea to thank (or curse) for that.

If you’ve seen the brand spanking new and damned sexy print Fall edition of High Voltage that just came hot off the presses (oooh, is that Fitz & the Tantrums on the cover?), then you’ve seen the culmination of our work. Asses were busted to bring this thing to you and you’d better love it like your first-born, dammit.

So let’s roll with it, this new beginnings thing and the week is off to a fine start right down to the release of new music. Vanaprasta, a band for whom I have borderline epic feelings for, dropped their long-suffering debut CD Healthy Geometry into the ether. Goddamn. A CD that makes me feel and see magic in the words, hear potential in the shapes, and think naughty thoughts all while appreciating each individual’s contribution to their impressive walls of sound. Flipped my world, this album did and I’m not mad at them. See the pretty album art?

I’m talking about this album at this particular time because the overarching theme to this very non-shitty body of work are the patterns in and of our lives as we move through this existence. We feel our way through, succeed, fuck up, break bones, make love, beg for mercy while sometimes giving none, sleepwalk, then wake up and do it all over again. It’s what we do and it makes for the powerful beings that we are.  For so many reasons this album means a lot to me right now, will be a constant in my consciousness because I believe that it was meant for me and, for that, I’m grateful. Much is shifting beneath my feet at the moment, and Healthy Geometry is the sound of the movement. Music, in general, gives me cause to be grateful so being here at High Voltage is surely the right place to be. 
If you’re a music fan, thanks for reading us and know that I’ll do my batshit-crazy best to inform and entertain you in this Concert Whore-space. If you’re a musician, thank you for being and giving me a shit ton of light in my life, as I couldn’t imagine this one without what you do. 

And cheers to High Voltage: back and beautiful.