Download Black Box Revelation’s New EP “Shiver of Joy”

Ever heard of The Black Box Revelation? Well, you should. A bluesy, garage rock duo who…well, just call them Belgium’s answer to The Black Keys. Such a sound is a lot for only two to bear but Jan Paternoster and Deis Van Dijck make a hell of a noise that’s retro yet modern, and prone to making you dance. Thick on riffs and thudding percussion, they’re young guns, but extremely well armed with dark and catchy hooks and occasional stretches in the music where you may think someone’s got Led Zeppelin on the brain.

In advance of hitting your brain with their forthcoming full-length LP, My Perception, the Belgians have just dropped the free EP Shiver of Joy, a sharp and riff-heavy collection of b-sides solid enough to have made the album cut. 
Download this puppy right HERE and enjoy this rock solid arrival on the scene. And if you happen to be in Los Angeles this week, you can catch the lads on October 3rd & 4th at Filter Magazine’s Culture Collide Festival.