Jane’s Addiction @ John Anson Ford Theatre

Perry Farrell

Photo: © Chelsea Schwartz

Jane’s Addiction | John Anson Ford Theatre (Los Angeles, CA) | October 3, 2011 |

What can you say about a band whose 26 years old that hasn’t already been stated time and time again? A band that’s also responsible for the creation of one of the America’s best summer music festivals? Maybe that they are well-versed, seasoned professionals whose performance is comparable to a tightly wound oiled machine, their songs are timeless, and you can’t take your eyes off them. In other words, they know their shit. Yeah, that’ll work.

Last night was my first Jane’s Addiction concert. Long time listener, but just never managed to catch them live. Oddly enough I’ve seen Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro, Chris Chaney & Stephen Perkins live in different projects, but as the whole, an unit, that is Jane’s Addiction there was something more magical to it. Perry knows how to command attention onstage, or maybe that was just the spotlight guy only focusing on Perry even during Navarro’s delectable guitar solos. Speaking of Dave Navarro, can we just take a moment to appreciate one of modern days greatest rock stars? The look, the guitar skills, the showmanship – now this is rock n roll! And let’s not forget the ever-consistent and groove-a-licious rhythm section: on bass Mr. Chris Chaney and hitting those skins Mr. Stephen Perkins.

Dave Navarro

Photo: © Chelsea Schwartz

But what was most impressive was the dedication of the Jane’s Addiction fans. Some having seen every Southern California show since the early 90s. Hits like “Been Caught Stealing” and “Mountain Song” didn’t even phase the crowd as much as “Irresistible Force” and “L.A. Medley” did.

If the solidarity and sheer level of rock that exuded from the stage last night is any indication, Jane’s Addiction upcoming album release The Great Escape Artist might just make the Top 10 list for best rock album of 2011. And if you ever questioned what happened to rock n roll, then head on down to a Jane’s Addiction gig. They are back for night two at John Anson Ford Theatre tonight, this time with Airborne Toxic Event opening.


For more tour dates, visit their website: http://www.janesaddiction.com/