Share To Care: Music For Life

Share To CareIt’s an exciting day in the High Voltage offices, we’ve just launched our first PledgeMusic campaign to put out a very special digital compilation to help save High Voltage. Why is the album so special? Because it features 20 b-sides, live, or yet-to-be-released tracks by some our favorite artists (we think you’ll like them too). It’s also special because a portion of the proceeds are going to the George Harrison Fund for UNICEF. You may remember our post earlier this month about the 40th Anniversary of the Concert for Bangladesh and if so you’ll remember it’s still the Month of Giving, so here’s our gift to YOU! Who doesn’t love awesome music? Especially when it’s for a good cause.

The album tracklisting will slowly be revealed over the course of the 45 day PledgeMusic campaign and each announcement will come with some more exclusives from the artists (maybe revealing a new album cover, a story from the band about the recording process, etc). You’ll have to pledge to receive the exclusive artist updates tho!

We’ve come out the gates with a track called “Before I’m Gone” by Hurricane Bells featuring Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October. You can hear it, view more details, and pledge here:

In the immortal words of the movie Empire Records, “DAMN THE MAN – SAVE HIGH VOLTAGE!”