SSMF 2011 Artist Profile: Deluka

Brooklyn by way of Birmingham….to the Sunset Strip!

From their days of trolling the English countrysides and yard sales for cheap equipment to create cool sounds with to the Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack to the streets of hip-central aka Brooklyn, NY, Deluka have created a spanking new wave of New Wave with healthy doses of indie electronic spirit.
Deluka is Ellie Innocenti, Kris Kovacs, Stevie J. Palmer, and Robbie G. and they’re all about making punk-dance-pop-rock gems for the room to move to. Their 2009 release You Are The Night is a body of shimmery tunes full of catch, melody, and electronica-infused rock like “OMFG”, “Nevada”, and “Cascade” all backed up by solid production. So solid that the synth beats, samples, etc. in no way overshadow the organics of the real bass, drums, crisp guitars, and the cool spunk of Ellie’s vocals.
Check out Deluka and “Cascade”:

It’s an evolution of a tried and true sound straight out of Birmingham and The Key Club stage is where you’ll find these across the pond-ers on Saturday, August 20th in the middle of the insanity called the Sunset Strip Music Festival