I’ve been Warped.

Yesterday’s Warped Tour was a hot experience. It’s been a few years since I’ve graced that scene and it was fascinating to see the expansion of genre styles and non-profit booths. While Pomona isn’t the cleanest of venues, or the easiest to navigate, they made it work and the day seemed to be more about atmosphere than about a show.

My day consisted of a brief set by Grieves ft Budo, a pop-up appearance by Larry & His Flask, couple songs from The Dance Party, the discovery of a southern style rock band that reminded me of The Black Crowes on the Tilly’s stage but since they didn’t have schedules posted I never learned their name, Black Veil Brides, the tail end of Big B, and then my favorites of the day Foxy Shazam & Bad Rabbits.

Here’s a very Foxy photo gallery:

Overall I’m still wondering what happened to the punk rock DIY attitude that Warped Tour encompassed many years ago. The festival seemed closer to a craft fair than it did a music festival with a message. Yet it somehow worked for them.