Musings of the Uncool

It’s been awhile since I posted, I realize this. I’ve been wanting to but there just hasn’t been any piece of music or live show that’s motivated me enough to take the extra time. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have an editor breathing down your throat for new content. I promise I’ll get better – I miss this outlet for my inner thoughts.

In the meantime, I do have to say some big ideas and plans are brewing for High Voltage. If you aren’t following our Twitter page, do so: @highvoltagemag or if you prefer Facebook, like us: Both pages are a bit more active for those looking for some regular content.

Also, following in tradition – I visited with my old tour mates 100 Monkeys this past Saturday, May 21st at their show at El Rey Theatre. Taking a cue from our twitter followers (who kept recommending this one band), I showed up early to check out opening act Toy Bombs. They were worth every second of time and I highly recommend you check them out. With a bit of mystique, the energy of Devo and an indie-rock sound The Strokes wish they still possessed – Toy Bombs will blow you away.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Toy Bombs will be playing the High Voltage event at The Mint on June 22nd. Also on the bill, one man wonder: eli james! Get your tickets here!

Talk soon.