Come Around Sundown by Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon | Come Around Sundown | Rating: 9/11 |

Released: October 19, 2010

It’s hard to believe that Come Around Sundown marks Kings of Leon fifth studio album. This band has sure come a long way since Youth & Young Manhood‘s release in 2003. Going from a dirty southern-garage rock band to a melodic arena-rock-friendly adult contemporary type band. Don’t get me wrong, they haven’t completely lost their edge. Lyrics like ‘She tells me I’ve got a big ol dick and she wants my ass home’ still grace Come Around Sundown. It’s just missing those infectious bass grooves found on Aha Shake Heartbreak tracks like “Razz” and punk rock edges like “The Bucket” and “Four Kicks”.

The question is, what does Come Around Sundown have then? I’ll tell you, thirteen tracks of bliss. Every tune provides something different for the listener. Kings of Leon have found the perfect recipe for their newly found (as of two albums ago) sound and finally created a full length record you can’t stop listening to from start to finish again. 

Pay special attention to “Back Down South” a southern ballad that just might be the perfect ‘Visit Tennessee’ ad campaign theme song, “Mary” which heard live sends chills down the spine, “Mi Amigo” for a lyrical treat, and “The End” if you want something to get stuck in your head all day. 

Final thought, while Kings of Leon seem to have permanently lost their balls (found in previous records) – that’s perfectly fine with me. If you were part of the Only By The Night fans that would start the album over when you reached track six, fear not! Come Around Sundown is an instant classic and this reviewer gives it two thumbs up, way up!

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