See You Next Year, Bonnaroo!

Another great year for the Bonnaroo organizers and participants (fans & bands alike). Here I am at the Nashville airport, many of us here at BNA camped out since late last night for our various flights home from Bonnaroo. I can hear the entire airport talking about their Bonnaroo experiences or reading it about in USA Today. You see the thing about Bonnaroo is that no amount of press can actually describe the vibe of this festival. I can tell you that every year I’ve attended just re-emphasizes that Bonnaroo is the best festival the USA has in terms of talent, vibe, community, and economical value. Even in the roughest situation I haven’t found one person on the grounds to be angry any year – it’s really something to be experienced, so start planning for next year (the 10th anniversary) now!

Here are a few more photos from around the festival and at some point today I’ll post photos for Phoenix’ set. Au Revoir, Bonnaroo!

Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights

Bonnaroo World Cup Watching

Another World Cup Watching Shot