The Scoop on April

Justin Tranter of Semi Precious Weapons It really is true that the older you get the faster time seems to fly. I can’t believe SXSW & Coachella have already come and gone this year… and Bonnaroo is just around the corner! With that said, April has been a killer month for live music. From watching The Constellations at the Music Lounge indiOasis Party during Coachella to seeing Semi Precious Weapons headline The Roxy (pictured on right), there just hasn’t been a dull moment and May promises to be just as exciting.

With that said, here’s the 411 on who you should be paying attention to…

New Band/s On The Rise: Imagine Dragons & Purple Melon
Killer Stage Performance: Semi Precious Weapons
Best Dance-Inducing Tunes: Viva City (ok technically I saw them at the end of March, but worth mentioning)
Solid Musicianship & Songwriting: Jonathan Tyler and The Northern Lights & American Bang
Best New Album Release in April: Foxy Shazam
Jaw-dropping Lead Vocal Ability: The Next


The NextGreg from The Next

Taylor Locke of Taylor Locke & The Roughs

American BangAmerican Bang