Twin Tigers – Gray Waves

Twin Tigers

Gray Waves
Old Flame

Twin Tigers’ sound can only be described as Psychedelic Glam. On their debut LP, Gray Waves, the band’s debts shift seamlessly from Sonic Youth to Placebo. Their music is abrasively epic, while avoiding any rock clichés. They are sonically ambitious, but never the slightest bit pretentious. Unlike their modern psyche peers, Twin Tigers rarely leave listeners in a haze of feedback, but instead assault them with subversive pop. There is something distinctively British about the band’s sleekness, but the group actually hail from Athens, Georgia, a place more known for its organic sound than this sort of audio androgyny. If this band has a fault, it’s that they’re too chic for the indie world and too transgressive for the mainstream. – Izzy Cihak